Verify identity of your russian girlfriend
Doubt the good intentions of your Russian Girlfriend?

If you don't want to become another victim of dating and romance scams - ask for Russian Private Detective help to reveal a true reason of your Internet Date

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  • Identity Verification
    Verify the personal information of your Russian Girlfriend, her actual existence and matching the photo
  • Contacts & Residence
    Provide you with the lists of current and former places of residence, and mobile phone numbers related to your Russian Girlfriend

  • Property
    Provide you with the list of vehicles and real property related to your Russian Girlfriend
  • Credit History & Debts
    Find out the credit score, the history of given loans, and more information about debts and ties prohibiting your Russian Girlfriend to leave the country

  • Offences
    Find out all the information about criminal convictions or administrative violations of your Russian Girlfriend

  • Marital Status
    Check out the current marital status, ex-husbands and children (offspring) of your Russian Girlfriend

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Additional Services
Value-added services are not included in Complete Service pack - please contact our Customer Care to know the pricing
  • Social Circle
    Where and how your Russian Girlfriend spends her free time, who are her friends, and what lifestyle habits she has
  • Photo and Video Shooting
    Secret surveillance of your Russian Girlfriend - photo and video shooting
  • Lie Detector Test
    Lie detector testing uncovers all the secrets of your Russian Girlfriend
  • Online Affairs
    Is your Russian Girlfriend on Tinder or does she have another online affair - check it!
  • Employment History
About Us
SPRUT Private Detective is a safe and effective way to avoid dating scam and make sure your Russian Girlfriend is real.

Our licensed detectives have work experience in law-enforcement agencies and knowledge of carrying out operative and investigative activities in Russia.

We cooperate with law enforcement, tax services, The Federal Bailiffs Service - that is why SPRUT Private Detective can provide you with all up-to-date information.

Explore the link - here you can find the license for the private detective activity (scan of the document).

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